Timeline of Great History of World

Timeline of Great History of World



3400 First Egyptian Dynastic Period

2900 The Great Pyramid of Egypt built by Cheops

1300 Phoenician open up Mediterranean trade

1230 Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt

1190 Fall of Troy

961 Building of the Temple at Jerusalem begun

776 First Olympic Games held in Greece

753 Founding of Rome

490 Greeks defeat Persians at Marathon

488 Death of Buddha

335-23 The campaigns of Alexander the Great

146 Carthage destroyed by Scipio

55 Julius Caesar invades Britain

4 Actual date of the birth of Christ

Timeline of Great History


30 Crucifixion

43 Conquest of Britain by Rome begun

70 Destruction of Jerusalem

79 Vesuvius erupts ,destroying Pompeii and Hercu-laneum

122 Building of Hadrian’s Wall

407 Romans leave Britain

476 Fall of the Roman Empire in the West

569 Birth of Mohammed in Mecca

711 Moors overrun Spain

732 Moors driven from France

1000 Norsemen reach Labrador

1066 Normans conquer Britain

1095 The Crusades begin

1215 The Magna Carta sealed by king john

1216 First parliament in England

1271 Beginning of Marco Polo’s travels

1338 Hundred years War begins

1348 The black Death sweeps Europe

1440 printing with movable type begun in Germany

1453 Eastern Roman Empire falls to Turks

1455 Wars of the Roses

1476 First printing press in England

1492 Columbus discovers America

1492 moors driven from Spain

1500 Portuguese discover Brazil

1519 first voyage round the world by Magellan

1534 reformation in England

1536 Dissolution of the monasteries in England

1572 massacre of St. Bartholomew in England

1577 Drake’s voyage round the world

1588 Drake defeats Spanish armada

1605 gunpowder plot to blow up English parliament

1607 first permanent colony established in Virginia

1618 thirty years war

1620 mayflower colonists land in New England

1642 New Zealand and Tasmania discovered

1665 Great plague of London

1666 Great Fire of London

1707 act of union unites England Scotland

1715 First Jacobite Rebellion

1745 Second Jacobite Rebellion, ‘The forty-five’

1756 Beginning of seven Years War

1760 British defeat French in Canada

1760 Beginning of Industrial Revolution

1770 Captain Cook discovers New South Wales

1775-83 American War of Independence

Great History

1776 American Declaration of Independence

1789 French Revolution begins

1796 Napoleonic Wars begin

1804 Napoleon becomes Emperor of France

1805 Battle of Trafalgar

1815 Battle of Waterloo

1832 First Reform Act in Parliament

1833 Britain abolishes slavery

1840 Introduction of penny post in Britain

1848 Gold discovered in California

1854-56 Crimean War

1857 Indian Mutiny

1861-65 American Civil War

1863 United States abolishes slavery

1867 Dominion of Canada established

1869 Suez Canal opens

1870-71 Franco-Prussian War

1877-78 Russo-Turkish War breaks power of Turkey in Europe

1899-02 Boer War

1903 First successful aeroplane flight, by Wright brothers

1904-05 Russo-Japanese War

1909 Bleriot makes first cross-Channel flight

1909 Peary reaches North Pole

1911 Amundsen reaches south Pole

1912 Ocean liner Titanic sinks, 1,513 lost

1914 World War I begins

1915 Ocean liner Lusitania torpedoed, 1,500 lost

1917 United States enters World War I

1917 Russian Revolution

1918 End of World War I

1919 Alcock and Brown make first non-stop trans-Atlantic flight


1920 First meeting of League of Nations

1922 Mussolini marches on Rome

1924 Death of Lenin

1926 General Strike takes place in Britain

1927 Lindbergh makes first solo flight across Atlantic

1929 Start of the Great Slump

1931 Japan occupies Manchuria

1933 Hitler attains power in Germany

1935 Italy invades Ethiopia

1936-39 Civil War in Spain

1937 Japan begins war on China

1938 Germany annexes Austria, Munich Agreement

1939 Outbreak of World War II

1940 Germany invades Denmark, Norway, Nether-lands, Belgium and Luxembourg

1940 Battle of Britain

1940 Russia and United States enter World War II

1942 All of France occupied by Germans

1943 Russians halt German advance at Stalingrad

1943 Allies invade Italy

1944 Allies invade France

1945 Germany surrenders. Hitler dies

1945 First atomic bomb dropped on Japan


1945 End of World War II

1945 Japan surrenders

1945 United Nations established

1947 India attains independence

1948 State of Israel proclaimed

1950-53 Korean War

1953 Conquest of Mount Everest

1956 Suez Canal dispute

1957 Russians launch first space satellites

1959 Russians launch first rocket to reach moon and photograph its far side

1960 Piccard descends 7 miles under the Pacific

1961 First space flight, by Yuri Gagarin

1963 Assassination of President Kennedy

1966 River Arno overflows and floods two-thirds of the City of Florence, Italy

1967 China explodes complete H-bomb

1969 Neil Amstrong first man on the moon


1971 Indo-Pakistan conflict. East Pakistan becomes Bangladesh

1917 China admitted to the United Nations

1973 Britain, Ireland, Denmark join EEC

1974 President Nixon resigns




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