Best Electric Power Washer

best electric power washer

Best Electric Power Washer

What is a Power Washer?

A power washer is one type of mechanical sprayers. It is also popularly known as the pressure washer. People use this machine in order to remove surface loose paint, mold, grime, dust and mud. The surfaces of the buildings, vehicles and other objects can easily be cleaned with comparatively less hardship with this sprayer. At present pressure washers of 750 to 30,000 psi (5 to 200 MPa) is available in the market. This sprayer has a motor which can also be one of the four types; such as, (a) electric, (b) internal combustion, (c) pneumatic (d) hydraulic). Moreover; the motor is associated with the water pump, hose and switch.best_electric_pressure_washer

How Does a Power Washer Work?

The working of the power washer is as simple as a garden water hose. Firstly a high degree of pressure and velocity is produced while the nozzle enhances water velocity. The water source so connected must provide the washer with sufficient water. Moreover; the supply of electricity is to be ensured in using electric power washer. The inadequacy may sometimes leads to components’ damage in the pump. The nozzles are of various types so as to address the demand of the circumstances such as using detergent in water stream while taking into accounts the types of injector. According to Wikipedia, in the year 1950 Mr. Alfred Kärcher has invented the hot water pressure washer while Mr. Frank Ofeldt claimed to have invented the steam pressure washer or “high­pressure Jenny” in 1927 in the USA.

Where is the Power Washer Used?

Elimination of grime, grease and dirt from the different objects was a time-consuming as well as tiresome job. But now-a-days the same has been easier with the blessings of the power washer. Above all, power washers have made rough and tough cleaning easy. For your kind information, we have appended the top 10 usages of power washer in our life.electric_power_wahser_reviews

  • removing old paint from a ships/boats
  • cleaning oil logged tarmac/floors
  • cleaning the slides of the decoration
  • removal of surface layers in any object
  • cutting of some metals and concrete in dust-free environment
  • removal of graffiti

Top 05 Best Electric Power Washer in 2016:






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Top 05 Benefits of Using Electric Power Washers:

The Speedy Cleaning of Motor Vehicles:

The cleaning of your car is far easier with electric washer machine. The good power washer comes with some attachments such as a surface cleaner. This is effective in cleaning any motor vehicle. Moreover; the saving of time and water is significant if cleaning is done with this device. It helps you clean your car and garage at least four times faster, which would, no doubt, make the cleaning jobs enjoyable.


Two-fold saving of Money:

The use of an electric washer practically saves a lot, particularly in terms of time as well as water. By this time you come to know that it saves water meaning the saving in the water bill, thus saving your hard-earn money. Basically power cleansers use few gallons of water per minute. Another point to consider is the overall costs involvement in cleaning. Let’s take it for example; if you hire someone to clean your driveway, you have to pay $140 to the cleaner. Alternatively you can clean at your own by renting a pressure cleaner costing you $ 70 for a day. Contrary to these expenses, you can buy the machine costing $100-$300.


Upkeep & Cleanliness enhance longevity that reduces insurance premium:

It is known to all that the regular cleaning of the patio, front steps, sidewalks and garage door, make them good for a longer duration. Moreover; the cleanliness of the various surfaces of the house also makes the living environment a bit healthier. Thereby all of these stuffs get a long life than usual and allowing you a congenial environment. Moreover; the hazard of the household items reduces significantly to the insurance point of view. As a result, your contents insurer charges lower premium for the insured items.


Cleaning the Toughest Surface:

As per the recommendation of the certified cleaners, for getting the better results, hot soapy water is to be used while cleaning the tougher surfaces. In this regard, electric pressure washer is an unparalleled solution for homemakers. No matter how deep cleaning you need, you can eliminate any type of mud, grease and grime on any surface with this power cleaner.


Noise-free Cleaning Performance:

Unlike gas pressure washers, the electric power washers work producing less noise. Thus the cleaning jobs can be performed easily without disturbing the neighborhood. This feature has made the electric power washer more popular to the homemakers. But the availability of electricity around the cleaning space is a factor to keep in mind.


Hope the above information & Reviews would help you make an informed decision in buying the best electric power washer.

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