12 Cooking Methods of Old Age

12 Cooking Methods of Old Age 

 Basic  Methods  of Cooking

Baking cooking  in dry  heat in  the oven.

Boiling Cooking  by immersing  the food  in a pan of liquid ,which must be kept boiled gently all the time.

Braising  Virtually a combination of strewing and roasting.

Casserole Cooking  certain cuts of  meatthat require long,

Frying Cooking  in alittle  hot fat in an open pan.

Grilling Cooking  quickly under a  very  hot grill-used for small pieces.

Roasting Cooking  with a little fat in a hot oven.

Presser Cooking Cooking  at extremely high temperature  under  high pressure  in a special  cooking pot.

Simmering  Cooking  food just  below boiling point, so.

Steaming Cooking either in a steamer over a pan.

Steawing  Cooking  slowly until the food that is tender.

Poaching  Cooking  gently  in water  which is just below.

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