Watches by Invicta

Our post “Watches by Invicta” will list some of best watches from Invicta, which has passed the test of the time. Watches are symbols of exquisiteness as well as delicacy to most men and women. Watches by invicta have the iconic views in this regard. Invicta watch Group being a local brand (based in USA) has produced a good number of quality watches all over the world.


From military watches for the solders to watches for the women, all watches by invicta have gained more or less popularity. At present the invicta headquarter is located in Florida, USA with offices in Hong Kong for production for the low end despite that fact that they import the finished movements i.e. automatic movement and cases from Japan in making good watches.


Industry experts go on saying that their supply chain management is stronger and time-orientated because of their success in importing raw material form Japan and thereby meeting all delivery requirements in American markets.

Watches by Invicta

Before delving into the list of best watches by invicta, let see the prime features of the invicta watches in details:

  • GOOD QUALITY: in term of quality assurance, this brand is uncompromising considering the costs of the watches. A particular watch of other brand is not maintaining that much quality with the same price.


  • WATER RESISTANT: Most popular dive watches are being produced by invicta since long and they are famous for supplying low priced dive watches across the globe. The watches by invicta are water-proof.


  • HAND-WINDING: Other significant features of the invicta watches are hand-winding which is very charming to the users as evidenced in the decades.


  • PHENOMENAL: Their watches are really phenomenal and trendy because they always to try to retain their share by keeping pace with the time. They consider that fact of being trendy with utmost priority.


  • QUESTION OF NAME: The name of invicta symbolizes the victory and the brand itself has been victorious in the watch-making industry worldwide. Being a local brand, it has become popular to people in the other continents as well.


  • FASHION: Watches are really a thing of fashion today. The designers of invicta watches are taking care of the latest trends of the time. The watches are as always fashionable to both men and women.


  • PRICE-ORIENTED: As we have earlier mentioned, watches by invicta are price-oriented. They pay due concentration on the pricing factors. They have been successful in these particular aspects of the watch-making industry.


It is needless to mention here that watches by invicta have won the trust of the generation by dint of good pricing of the watches. They have maintained a good combination of price and fashion catering for the demand of the men and women of the most western counties of the world.


In view of the above, we can say that the watches by invicta have passed the test of the time only because of the pricing factor and design factors. In addition to success in the local US market, the popularity of the invicta watches in the Europe and Middle Eastern countries is immense.


People usually purchase a wrist watch in every one and a half year, of course at reasonable price and quality. Invicta has successfully addressed these two factors such as they even priced watches ranging from US $12-$13 in the early 80’s.


In the earlier day, the downside of watches by invicta is also mentionable. Most faces problem (i.e. delay) in case of changing batteries regularly. And later on these problems were successfully solved by making automatic watches. This brought their huge success in the in Central and South America.


The invicta proudly has a wide array of watches. More than 1,000 models are in their capacity to address the varying needs of the customers allowing hanging of the strip, color, dials and bracelets.


With regard to movement used in the Citizen watches, invicta use movement devices from Japan. Invicta uses the same movement but charge the price almost half. They also make use of the luminescent material on the dial.


25 Watches by Invicta That Passed the Test of Time:


  • Invicta 9937
  • Invicta 9211
  • Invicta 5511
  • Invicta 8926
  • Invicta 3049
  • Invicta 1517
  • Invicta 3045
  • Invicta 0978
  • Invicta 5727
  • Invicta 1515
  • Invicta 0072
  • Invicta 6620
  • Invicta 0359
  • Invicta 0361
  • Invicta 10190
  • Invicta 3044
  • Invicta 4342
  • Invicta 6564
  • Invicta 8932
  • Invicta 4578
  • Invicta 6582
  • Invicta 5377
  • Invicta 1088
  • Invicta 4719


The above models have varying features for the users and each of the each has outstanding individuality which is as always attractive for the watch lover world. Their dive watches are one the popular low priced watches by invicta. To sum up, we can say that the low-priced edition of the world’s most popular watches has brought long term fame and success for the invicta watch group.

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